How I work

At your first appointment we take time together to look at what it is you need from coming to see me and decide on a goal.  As I offer different modalities we choose one to start with: bodywork/counselling/stress management/nutrition coaching. I'm happy to explain the way I work and what each therapy can do for you.

We factor in reviews after 3 or 4 sessions but I always check in each week to see how you are doing and make sure we are on track. I encourage you to reflect on each session and if possible to come to the next session aware of what you are needing.

Each session potentially can be powerful and life changing and I will support you in how to apply what you learn in your day to day life. Here is where the goals become reality.

Emphasis is on short term therapy and to endow you with the tools to further develop and stay well.




Talk therapy focuses on our internal world. Your mind may be racing with unwanted thoughts.

Your feelings may be impossible

to keep in check. Whatever you are experiencing you know it's time to embrace some inner work.


You will learn vital skills such as working with your thoughts and emotional processing that are key to a healthful life. Once we get out of our own way we can hear our inner voice, our true and authentic guide.


I use traditional therapeutic massage techniques to invite you

to connect to ‘all that you are’ through your physical body.


Stiffness and pain is the body's way of telling us something isn't right.  Used intentionally, working with the body can have a profound effect on more than just our physical health. 


Inviting you to reconnect with your body and embrace all of you is a  powerful and nurturing way to facilitate wellness.


Techniques for making the best of your therapy are interwoven into my practice. What works for me may not work for you so I prefer

to personalise recommendations.


I want you to have a good variety of tools so as to maintain and increase the benefits of what you are working toward. I've found that breath-work, movement and whole-body relaxations are some of the very best ways to stay on top of stress and bring you back to the here and now.


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