Nutrition Coaching
Whole Food Plants-Only Eating

Adding a Qualification in Plant-Based Nutrition has to be one of the most exciting things I have done in my career. I love being able to teach simple tools to help people transition to a way of eating that opens the door to vibrant health. I believe the choices we make in nourishment serve as the foundation for all the other aspects of wellness.

Whole Food Plant-Based eating (WFPB) is swiftly becoming THE medicine of the future. Many of the Western diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, some cancers as well as inflammatory and auto-immune conditions can be prevented & may be reversed by eating food the way nature designed it.
Food also has a powerful effect on our mental and emotional well-being so when we feed our bodies optimally the results can be swift and life-changing. I especially enjoy helping those who feel a bit daunted by the prospect of change.