I hold so much gratitude towards Stephanie and her therapy style. She has allowed me to look deep into the layers of my being and guided me to unlock each one at my own pace. Stephanie encouraged me to feel into my heart space when emotions came up and gave me the permission I thought I needed to release and cry. I have gained a lot of clarity around how I tick and although my healing journey is ongoing, Stephanie has allowed me to make huge progress and experience breakthroughs in my thoughts and patterns. Thank you Stephanie for holding space for me to find me again.

Sam - Auckland


I was incredibly stressed and overwhelmed about the way the world is becoming since Covid. I became very anxious about losing friends and family as everyone seemed to be taking a position and getting angry at those not agreeing with them. Stephanie not only helped calm me but coached me in how to respect myself, respect others and find ways to communicate that allow for everyone to stay friends. Thank you so much! 

Julia - Auckland NZ


I explained to Stephanie that I had been suffering from waking in the night and experiencing thoughts in my head that were persistent and negative. I imagined that everyone had this problem at some stage in their lives and that it would just go away. However Stephanie told me she had worked with many others (including herself) using a technique that could help me. I decided to book a one-off online counselling session with Stephanie as she said this was all I would need.
Stephanie listened carefully and she quickly understood what I needed. The technique she talked me through was easy to understand and follow and also made a lot of sense. I enjoyed hearing how simple it could be to sort out my predicament.
I put what I had learned into action that same night and was absolutely delighted it had an immediate effect. I can still wake in the night but the thoughts are rarely there, and if any arise are easily calmed so I can go peacefully back to sleep. I wondered why I left it so long before talking with her, as just one session has had a lasting impact on my life.
Stephanie’s coaching has assisted me in becoming more rational, and has helped me understand that I can overcome dilemmas and don’t have to suffer. I’m feeling generally more relaxed and sleep so much better. I’m overall calmer and more in control of myself and my thoughts.

Denise - Matamata NZ


If it wasn’t for Stephanie I wouldn’t be as well as I am. Her willingness to coach me about whole food plant-based eating made it easy for me to recognize changes that needed to be made in my diet and improve how and what I eat. When living with HIV it is extremely important to have a healthy diet. As a result of the changes Stephanie opened my eyes to, my overall health has improved, I stopped needing cholesterol medication, I have more energy and I look forward to a long and happy future. 

Danny - B.C. Canada


As a friend, Stephanie has often given me advice on a variety of health issues. She continues to grow, learn and share her knowledge freely. Stephanie has inspired me to achieve greater health and make healthier eating choices. I feel my fittest ever at age fifty-one! 

Susan - Auckland NZ